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uka nail oil

Applied to nails, fingers and hands. This new type of nail and hand care, compact, and easily incorporated into daily life will help busy women save up time.

uka Head Therapy Series

This hair care line is dedicated with uka’s hope—for you to always have a healthy scalp and stunning hair as if you just walked out of a salon.

uka Bcc Hand Cream

Suntanned hand and arm recalls the good summer times. A 3-In-One moisturizing, covering and UV protecting hand cream will grant the desires of women who are busy, lazy and demanding.

uka hair oil / uka hair oil mist

A collection of hair oil that combats the harshest weather conditions by keeping the blow dried hairstyles in place. Everyday is a good hair day.

uka lip & nail balm / uka body & foot balm

uka nail & lip balm is inspired by phytotherapy, which taps into the power of plants to enhance the body’s wellness and beauty. Apply the “delicious cosmetics” on the lips and enjoy the flavor, then apply it to the nails.


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